Why Choose Us
We send you 2 people they bring all materials, supplies, and equipment.
They will provide you with a letter that says we have done a background check on them they are legal to work here and they must live in the El Paso city limits.
It also says you have 48 hours after every service if there is something you are not happy with we will come back out and make you happy.
About the service:
They will vacuum all your carpets
They will sweep and mop all your floors
In your kitchen- they will wipe down your counters, they will wash your dishes but they do not put away dishes. They will polish your cabinets. They clean the outside of your refrigerator and oven they will clean the inside of one or the other. You choose.
Dusting- they will dust all major furniture on first visit sometimes it takes up to 2 visits to get all the little knick knacks you might have.
Bathroom- they do the shower, shower walls, tubs, toilet, sink, and mirrors.
Bedroom-pick up any clothing on the floor and put in the dirty hamper. They will make your bed; they will change your linens if you leave the clean ones on the foot of the bed.
Finally-they will clean 2 or 3 windows inside and out….and rotate them every visit.